The beauty of spring is all around, inspiring with new energy – also to be used in the inward expansion.To discover more of yourself.

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You are sooo sweet!!

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Roles and role-playing

One of the great joys in our life is creating role-plays and dressing up.
It wakes you up a bit, to see yourself in a different role or a different outfit than you normally use.
A deeper meaning is also to see, how the energy exchange is taking place in different roles.

Are you stealing energy from others, or do you get your energy stolen, or is it a creative energy exchange that is taking place – mutual beneficial?
Still, you may get stuck in a certain role, both in your life and if you are doing role-plays.

Let us say, always being the nice guy. Kind and helpful. Perhaps to a degree that it finally makes you want to scream.
What to do now? It is a difficult role to leave, also because of the expectations from others. They are used to you being nice and helpful, and they really don’t understand, when you start saying “No.” Another reason for keeping being nice is that it is easier; you get a lot of sympathy and acceptance because you are so helpful. And you avoid conflicts.

So, the question to yourself would be, “Am I ready to let go of that?” There might be other things you gain from a certain role – else you would not play it – and the question is again, “Am I ready to let go of that?”
If your answer is “Yes!” then there are some possibilities. You could start exaggerating the role, being even more helpful. And remember to use your voice also, it should be over-sweet! The easiest would be to act it out with a friend, where you feel safe and to whom you can tell, what it is all about. If that is not possible then do it in the actual situations, best with somebody where you feel rather safe.
Listen to yourself when you do it, and FEEL!  You may end up either crying or laughing.

Another possibility is to act the opposite role. That is probably the toughest. Most of us do not want to be “evil,” acting out our dark sides. You may do it when you are alone. Create a safe space, breathe deeply and then let all the words and feelings come out that you have held back in perhaps a very long time.
Listen to yourself and feel. When you have finished, breathe deeply again, get grounded, and give thanks to yourself for allowing you to express all that.
It will loosen up the stuck energy, and help you to feel, when is it okay for me to say “Yes” and when should I rather say “No.” And then of course do it!
It will of course need some practice. And every time you listen to yourself and say “Yes” or “No,” as it feels right, the easier it gets!

The purpose of acting is also to be aware, that you are not your role. You are expressing through a certain role, and when you get tired of that, you can choose a new one – and again a new one.
You Are that You Are, and You can express that in many, many ways!

We wish you all a wonderful month of April