Testimonials 2

Reviews and experiences shared from use of the Video Course

A mother`s experience with the reactions of her daughter:
“The first thing which touched me was the role play where those girls were planning not to invite Sarah for the birthday party; this scene touched me because I saw this happening a lot in my girl’s school, and it happened to her once, and I hear it’s happening usually. Thanks to your course, since last year, my daughter knew what she should do in such situation. And this gave her confidence and strength, really. I wish I can teach more kids about that.”  (S.)
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A comment on Facebook:
“Dears Finn And Anne,
Your course is very helpful and masterful!   Yes, I myself went through it three years ago and my life has changed and sometimes I remember your scenes from the course and smile … Thank you very much for your Creation and Creativity!” (Y.D.)


A CT teacher used parts of the videos with an adult client:
“The Bully and the Bat and the Clique videos were affective. We acted out these situations to feel deeper into the energy dynamics. We both changed roles from victim to abuser. It was very clear that it was easier for her to be the energy stealer, but to set her boundaries needed clarity and grounding. It was far too easy to be just nice than to say no and mean it.”

Response from the client:
“I am very grateful of this session I had. Even though I have taken SES (Tobias’ Sexual Energies School: Understanding Physical and Psychic Abuse) it was a life-changing experience to just see these videos where Anne and Finn were acting all these different roles – to understand they are just different roles we are choosing or are used to play, and to see that one can play them all; not just the ones you are grown up with or are used to play…. and understand I can also play them all… just need to practice those that I am not yet familiar with.
I have been stuck in certain roles. Practicing different answers, I wasn’t used to was GREAT – it made me feel more whole and stronger. I enjoyed that very much.
Now after few months and after being in challenging situations I see the benefit of this session. Still I would like to repeat (continue) practicing, because I feel it so useful to me.
Thank you Anne, Finn and Inkeri.”
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A CT Teacher using the material with a client:
“I loved the tools related to the question, “What could be done differently?” During the course, we made role plays related to a certain conflict between two people. After each role playing, we created a different outcome where was no energy feeding, bullying, or other harmful actions.”

“I asked my client a few times during our discussions that what could be done differently, and we discussed that together.  We discussed for instance that how he will act when he starts feeling anger the next time. At the end, he said that he might not start fighting against others. He said he got new clarity for his experiences. My experience was that he felt that he did not need his usual protection /action roles during our meeting. Together, we learned something new. I appreciated his willingness and openness to learn something new in his life.”  (K.E.)
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A CT Teacher used the material in a school class:
“The class was very relaxing.  It made me so much more aware of how I can be in control of what I do and what happens because of me.”
“It felt calming.  It felt amazing!  I felt confident.”
“I felt all the emotions.  It was kind of overpowering.  I learned what I could be.”
“The role play was fun and helpful.”
As you can see by the extremely positive comments I received from my students, Consciousness Theater for Kids is engaging and the content is potent enough, that it touches the students deeply and gives them the confidence to know that they can recognize when someone is stealing energy from them and stop that.  (Amy)
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