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VIDEO COURSE: Consciousness Theater for Kids of all ages
7 videos + Text transcript + Curriculum (in English/German/Danish/Italian/Finnish/Spanish)
Do other people take advantage of you? Or is your child being mobbed? Humorous role-playing shows how people steal energy from each other as a “bully” or as a victim. Then we show a new clear way of acting. You learn grounding, self-awareness, to stop power games and love yourself. For children & adults.
Note: This material is not for you unless you take full responsibility for your life and creations!


Session 1: Intro – Breathing – Energy Exchange (24 minutes)

Short INTRO to the concept.
Guided deep BREATHING allowing you to get in deep contact with yourself.
5 ROLE PLAYS showing ENERGY EXCHANGE: Take energy / Having your energy taken / Balanced exchange.

Session 2: Role plays – Grounding (22 minutes)

Role plays with BULLY / VICTIM situations; solutions to conflicts are shown.
GROUNDING exercise to stay present, aware and clear in your own sovereignty.
STAND BEHIND THE SHORT WALL: Be the observer and choose what is yours!

Session 3: Body Language – Boundaries 1 (29 minutes)

YOUR BODY EXPRESSES different roles / feelings. Through exercises where your body expresses a victim / a bully / being in your sovereignty you get an inner feeling of the difference.
WE OFTEN SAY “Yes” when we wanted to say “No.” An exercise allows you to FEEL and EXPRESS your “NO!”

Session 4: Boundaries 2 – Voice (27 minutes)

BREATHING exercise. Anne tells a fairy tale-like STORY ABOUT SUPPRESSION where you get the opportunity to STAND UP on your feet and say, “NO MORE!”
NOTE! If you or your child have had a traumatic experience we recommend NOT to perform this exercise!
VOICE exercises to find AUTHENTICITY in your EXPRESSION.

Session 5: Role play – Conscious Touch (13 minutes)

Role play about NAME CALLING. How does it feel? And what lies behind it?
GENTLE CONSCIOUS TOUCH of your face and hands like you would caress a pet; this exercise may give you an entrance to like/love yourself.

Session 6: Sensitive Kids (14 minutes)

Anne talks about sensitive kids and gives ADVICE about supporting them.
We present an IN-TUNING MEDITATION that allows you and your child to OBSERVE body / feelings / thoughts and find peace within yourselves, seeing what`s YOURS / NOT YOURS.

Session 7: Bonus Session for Parents (15 minutes)

For parents: SUGGESTIONS about supporting a sensitive child; these can of course be used also with kids in general.
2 ROLE PLAYS that show how UNBALANCED ENERGY EXCHANGE often takes place between adults.

Consciousness Theater for Kids of all ages

Video Course

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