Consciousness about ENERGY EXCHANGE,


After this training you will be able to teach:

1. Children of different ages: Kindergarten, schools and teenagers.
We will discuss how to use it if you already work in one of these areas,
how to use it as a guest teacher or offer workshops for children on a private basis.

2. Adults: Parents, teachers, offer team building, workshops etc.
You may use it in your counseling or therapy work.
This training will surely inspire parents as well.
Or you may just take the class to the benefit of yourself.

The Training

The contents of the live Teacher Training and the online Teacher Training will be the same. There will of course be some differences in the way we do it. You may see specific differences below in “Live Teacher Training” and “Online Teacher Training.”

In order to stop the energy stealing / -feeding, you have to be aware of how and when it takes place.
Most of this often happens totally unconsciously whether you steal energy or get your energy stolen.
A necessity is also to be aware of and being able to set your boundaries.
Almost most important is loving yourself. We teach this through conscious touch.

The deep conscious breath is used to find peace within and to get in contact with yourself.
Grounding, to be present here and now.
How to use your voice in a clear and authentic way. How to hear what a person is really expressing through the voice.
Body language, what do you express by the way you sit, stand and move – and how does it feel.
How to “read” your students.
Feeling and expressing emotions, in order to show different roles, when you teach.

The 7 videos in the video course is the basis of the training.
You have to have watched and worked with them yourself beforehand.
Please see more under “Prerequisites” below.

During the training both live and online we will discuss and practice the contents of the videos:
How do you feel about the different role-plays?
Which roles do you recognize from your own life?
– the ones you have played yourself or have seen others play.

In the live Teacher Training, we (Anne and Finn) will show some role-plays, and the participants are going to write and perform their own as well.
We will all do the different exercises from the video course including some new ones that have been added later.

In the online Teacher Training, you are going to write short role-plays 2 by 2, rehearse it (on Skype) and then play it “live” in front of your computer for the rest of the group.
You are going to perform all the different exercises from the video course including some extra ones we have added later.

Both live and online: You will guide breathing for children of different ages and / or for adults.
You will make exercises with your voice.
You will learn how to handle melt down students.
How to teach the material to children and to adults as well.
And of course, you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Benefits from the training

As a Consciousness Theater® certified teacher, you will be allowed to use the video course in your teaching.
We will discuss how you can use it, showing parts of it, do some of the exercises etc.
Of course, it will always be the best if you do role-plays, exercises etc. live yourself with your students/class,
but using the video material is surely an option.

A few days after the training the certified teachers will get a Teacher`s Handbook as a PDF file
with short explanations of the exercises etc. used during the training.

In order to participate in the Teacher Training, you`ll need to have taken SES.
SES is “Tobias’ Sexual Energies School: Understanding Physical and Psychic Abuse.”
We will be happy to help you find a teacher in your area. Please contact us.
The reason for requiring Tobias` SES is that it is the basis of the Consciousness Theater concept:
(1) You will get to know the background for the whole concept of energy stealing and
(2) you will learn how to manage your energies.
These are important tools when you want to teach the CT material.
Read more about Tobias` SES on the Crimson Circle website here.

It is also a requirement that you have bought and watched the video course*
“Consciousness Theater for Kids of all ages” before the webinar.
You have to have done the exercises (those including another person,
you may do by yourself and just imagine another person)
and answered the questions asked in the videos. These answers are for yourself only.
For online Teacher Training only: We will send you some questions to the videos before the training, and you have to answer them and send your answers to us.
You will receive a mail with the questions when you have signed up.
*PLEASE NOTE: If you have already bought “Consciousness Theater for Kids of all ages” from the Crimson Circle Store, please contact us.

You can buy the video class from us on this page

Please note: Participating in the training does not guarantee that you will be a certified teacher.

Our teaching is based on what we have learned from joining and teaching courses in spiritual development,
our own life experience, the Crimson Circle materials, our work as schoolteachers during a lot of years and finally
having presented this material as guest teachers in different schools.

You may read TESTIMONIALS from our Training here and from schools here

Watch a YouTube intro to our work

CT Teacher Training

 We hold live Teacher Trainings
with 4 persons and up.
Please contact us if you are interested.
Early bird:  € 495
Normal price: € 595

Please note: By signing up you accept the conditions mentioned below.

We can offer an online Teacher Training, also at times of the day that fits your time zone. It requires at least 2 participants. We would also love to do a LIVE Teacher Training at our place in Denmark or we can travel to other countries. If we have to travel, it requires more participants in order to have our costs covered, as well as a payment for our work.

Practical information

Please note: For all teacher trainings, we require 1) that you have taken SES (Tobias’ Sexual Energies School: Understanding Physical and Psycic Abuse) OR that you take it within 3 months after the teacher training in order to keep your certification. Please contact us if it is difficult for you to take it within this timeframe. 2) It is also a requirement that you have gone through the video course “Consciousness Theater for Kids of all ages!” before the webinar. You can order the videos directly from us.

The certification allows you to use the Consciousness Theater material and the CT concept to teach children as well as adults. Anne Maribo Andersen and Finn Andersen owns the copyright of the CT concept and of the material used in the Teacher Training and the additional material that the certified teachers will have access to. The CT Teacher`s Handbook is for your personal use only and may not be copied or distributed. You are not allowed to write books or make audio/visual recordings by using the CT concept without a written permission from Consciousness Theater; you are also not allowed to use the video course “Consciousness Theater for Kids of all ages!” for your own online class!

DATES: None at the moment.
TIMES: Saturday: Training 10.00 – 17.00     Sunday: Training 10.00 – 17.00

You need a PC (Windows 7-10) or a Mac (Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) – 10.13 (High Sierra) to join this webinar. A fast internet connection 1 Mbps or better (broadband recommended). Hardware: 2GB or more of RAM.
Microphone and speakers (USB headset recommended**) if unmuted by the organizer.

BREAKS: There will be a lunch break about 75 minutes; a coffee/tea break of 20 minutes and short breaks when needed.
PRICE: Early bird: € 495 through Jan. 5th. Normal price: € 560. Please sign up in the box above.
CANCELLATION POLICY: 25% cancellation fee, when cancelled until 4 weeks before start of the class.
50% cancellation fee, when cancelled until 2 weeks before start of the class.
Hereafter non-refundable.
If you have any practical questions, please contact us at


VIDEO COURSE: Consciousness Theater for Kids of all ages!
Now with English or German subtitles.
Order it directly from us!
€ 49

Buy it here

This is a class that parents can watch together with their kids or use for their own inspiration.
Please NOTE: You must have gone through this video course if you want to take
the Consciousness Theater TEACHER TRAING.
You can see excerpts of it on YouTube here.

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