1. Would you like to teach the course,
        Consciousness Theater for Kids of all ages?
        See below how to become a teacher


This is what you get:
You are allowed to use the video course in teaching of groups, either children or adults.
You can go through the whole material with them or take some parts of it.
You can also use it together with your other teachings.
You can use the principles and exercises and do it all live with a group.
You get extra study material for your personal use.
You will get “The Teacher’s Handbook” on PDF. For your personal use only.
You can have supervision from us in your teaching.
You can use “Certified Consciousness Theater Teacher” in your teaching of this material.
You can be listed on the page of Certified Teachers

Please note, you are not allowed to use the videos in an online teaching without a written permission from us. Your teaching online also requires that you pay a fee to us, between 5% – 20% of your income from the class, depending on how  much you use of the videos.


The Training
You are doing the training by yourself as self-study, not together with a group.
Teaching material like this is very different from going through it yourself. It is necessary to have a deep understanding of the material, not only mentally but also the feeling of it.
As a teacher you are responsible for creating the safe space for yourself and the students. You`ll have to be able to help ground the students, if they get emotional or kind of close down.
You must have watched all the videos, done all the exercises and studied the curriculum beforehand.
When you sign up for the Teacher Training, you will receive as download extra study material which you will have to go through. You`ll have to answer a questionaire (less than 10 questions) about your experiences with the material and how to apply it into your own life. The Questionaire is included in the download.
If you have questions during your study you are most welcome to contact us.
When you are ready, you send your answers to the Questionaire to us.

After we have read your answers to the questions, we will have a Skype meeting with you.
Here we will talk about your answers to the questions and discuss some elements of teaching.
You will also have the opportunity to ask us questions about the material and your use of it.

After this meeting we will let you know, if you are approved as a Certified Teacher right away,
or if you need to improve something before you are approved.

When you are approved, we will send you “Teacher Agreement” and “Code of Ethics” which you will have to sign and return to us. When we have received these documents we will send you your certification.

Your reply to the questions sent to us and the Skype meeting will be in English or Danish. You are of course welcome to have a friend translate for you if needed.

Intro Price:  95€
Please note: No refund after purchase.

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VIDEO COURSE: Consciousness Theater for Kids of all ages!
Now with English, German, Danish or no subtitles.
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This video course is for your personal use
and/or for watching together with your children or grandchildren.
As a CT Teacher you can use it in your teaching.

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