Testimonials from our Teacher Trainings:

“It was an amazing weekend. Although the training is called “Consciousness Theater for Kids”, it totally fits an adult audience. Sometimes it looked that the play was talking directly to me!”

“I`m very happy having been part of an amazing and very insightful teacher training with a wonderful group and amazing teachers that made it very easy for me to experience myself and expand myself in amazing new ways. Up till now I couldn`t apply things I`ve learned in my living but soon I`m going to be with my little granddaughters for two weeks and I`m sure I can play with them in a very new way.”

“Anne and Finn were presenting their insights so clearly, showing me/us ways of consciously acting out roles in order to understand a manipulative situation better and to see new possibilities how to consciously act in a new way. Through their loving support and presenting a Safe Space for me I found it surprisingly easy to trust myself, let go of the mind and go with the flow. That means that I found myself easily and consciously acting out different roles we were invited to play with a chosen partner. It was so much fun and I enjoyed it very much.”

“Imagine the impact on our students’ lives if we teach them a variety of tools to become more self-loving, establish boundaries, and consciously choose how to live. I have recently attended a wonderful teacher training class in Denmark called Consciousness Theater for Kids that taps into the power of role playing to introduce deep, life-changing concepts in a simple, elegant manner that a child can understand…

Throughout all of the exercises, role playing and brief discussions, students will witness and observe their thoughts and feelings. Consciousness Theater takes the idea of finding peace within themselves and makes it easily attainable through some breathing exercises and a demonstration of what a difference it makes if we act from a place of being grounded. One of the vital skills I intend to assist my students with is to recognize that at any time in any situation, they can create a safe space for themselves simply by choosing it.”

“Your workshop is like a song, when you think that you have heard every rhythm, here comes a new one in a smooth simple way that feels so energetic and so easy to dance. I deeply recommend this, give space to yourself for a new way of doing and experience self love. Thank you Finn and Anne.”

“Anne and Finn are Master Teachers in every sense, as they share experiential New tools that bring participants directly into the energies of victim, bully, clarity and empowerment.  Their consciousness and passion for this subject is radiant within their teaching.  Anne and Finn show us, through acting and Being, exactly what are imbalanced energies, and what are balanced energies.  In my opinion, these teachings are excellent for children, who benefit so much from experiencing and feeling, much more so, than from being told in words what to do, what not to do.

This workshop brings us far beyond only talking about victim and bully, mentally chewing on these highly discussed topics till the cows come home… and brings us squarely into experiencing these energies within a safe space.  The icing on the cake is truly understanding that we have the Clear Choice to step out of playing these roles.  This workshop is extraordinary!  I so appreciated the empowerment tools, I will call them, fully connecting us to our core pure selves. They fell like gifts from the sky, consistently throughout the two day training.  I could see clearly, children in my classroom, now and in years past, benefiting from this work.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!   This work is a gift to the planet!”

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VIDEO COURSE: Consciousness Theater for Kids of all Ages!

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Everyone, who is involved with children or teaching children will find great inspiration, too.
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