Testimonials from schools

Testimonials from schools

Having visited a class with our teaching, we  always ask the children in the end to say at least one word about their experience. We have of course also asked the teachers afterwards to give us feedback. This has been a great help in developing the concept. So a big thank you to everybody!

The children:

I learned something new about myself…. Now I can find peace within myself… It was fun… It was instructive… Exiting… Interesting… It does not matter, what the others think of me… It was exciting to learn about energy stealing… It does not matter that we are different… Now I can breathe deeply… It is fun to breathe… It was different from what I have heard before… It was entertaining…  I like myself more…

Of course not everybody was positive: It was boring… And some were indifferent…

Some kids asked their teacher afterwards if they could do a role-play where they themselves were acting, when they had a conflict.

The teachers:

We learned something new… Now we have a common language when we talk with the children… It was really nice to observe the children during your teaching. And especially to see that some of the children who used to be introvert and “against” were so interested and clear…

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