October 2016

Welcome to our October Newsletter

The next Consciousness Theater Teacher Training takes place in a short while:
October 8th – 9th in Bruchsal, Southern part of Germany.

With German translation when needed. If you are interested, please take a look under Training.

The planned teacher training in The Netherlands is
postponed until early spring.


Where do you want to live? A lot of people prefer to stay in places they know. It feels safe. They got their family and friends near by and everything is familiar. Some of us like to explore new places in the country we are born or go to another country. Although Denmark is such a small country there is a great difference in the energies in different parts. That is one of the things that attracts us. We have moved a lot of times in our life, and each time it has created a new and exciting experience.

Right now we are sitting in a new place, having moved only 2 days ago. A lot of boxes all around and feeling satisfied we have found this place. It has a lot to do with expansion. We liked the place where we lived before, but we had reached the limits. We needed more space. That is what we have got here. A big garden where we can create beauty with flowers and bushes and… Nature is right outside with beautiful small lakes and woods only a short walk from here…

One of the interesting experiences in this process has been the timing of it all: We had to move out the 1st of September and could only move in the 30th of September. So for a month we have stayed temporary in 2 different places. Kind of living in a suitcase. Where we mostly got grounded by being in our home, surrounded by our things, this has been much more: I am here! An awareness of being in ourselves. And that has also brought up the question, do we need all the things we have? Most of it is nice to have – but do we really need it?

Moving to a new place also offers the possibility to let go of old patterns. To allow yourself to expand to a new level of awareness. New potentials, new creations. A new feeling into, what do I really want to express and experience? What is just old habits? And how do I really choose to enjoy my life?

With that we wish you all a beautiful October.