November 2016

Welcome to our November Newsletter

Right now we have no dates for upcoming Teacher Trainings. So if you would like to attend one and can gather a group, we would love to come to where you live!

One of the main targets in our teaching is to show how energy feeding / stealing takes place, so you can step out of that game. And that means for the most part to stop being a victim.

You probably also know that the victim – abuser game is played by both men and women in both roles: Meaning it is not about men versus women!

Still, in our last teacher training in Bruchsal in Germany, the question came up from a woman who works with students (young adults) from other cultures, about the way men treat women in non western countries. She wanted to find a way to discus this with her students, and show them there is another way to be together. – And this would surely have to do with teaching the women to stop being victims.

We suggested her to make a role-play about it together with another participant. They played husband and wife, him coming home from work, and at once starting complaining about the food etc. in a really rough way to humiliate his wife. And the wife excusing, “I’ll cook something else”… Even if they didn’t act it, it could easily have ended up with the husband giving her a hard slap or perhaps beating her up.

The solution has of course to come from the victim: She has to say NO to be treated like that. They played the role-play again, this time the wife really fast said Stop to the husband in a very firm way, when he started his power game. And all of us watching could really feel how she stepped out of that old role, not letting him put her down again!

Wow! Each time we see it, we have the chills! It shows how you can communicate this important issue to other people in an easy way! We are sure our new teacher will use this or something similar to show her students that you can change your role, if you choose!

Although the question came up as an issue in other cultures, it also often takes place in our western countries – also the rough behavior. It is so much about stopping being a victim, stopping being “nice”! And to begin being “you”.