Newsletter Spring 2018

Welcome to our Spring 2018 newsletter.  
Springtime is here, and with that new ideas.

Our video course, “Consciousness Theater for Kids of all ages” is not yet available on Amazon. On Amazon you will also be able to buy it with subtitles in English or German. We hope we`ll be ready about May 17th.
You get 7 videos (English language), text transcript and curriculum in English, German, Italian, Finnish, Spanish and Danish.
AND you can buy it directly from us HERE.
Please send us an email to tell us your preferred language(s) for the texts and we will send you links for download. Price: € 40 / 25 USD.

The course was originally made to teach kids about energy stealing and how to stop it, setting their boundaries, loving / liking themselves as the main topics, but it showed that also adults benefit from it. We have had positive feedback from participants in Keahak and Threshold.

Watching it together with your kids would surely give you a wonderful opportunity to have some good talks. You may take a look at our Summer Newsletter 2017 where one of our teachers tells about her experience from watching it together with her two kids HERE.

And totally new: Consciousness Theater Teacher Training as a webinar!
Instead of traveling far, you can now take the training in your own home in front of your computer.
The contents of the training will still be the same, but we will use the video course to show the different role-plays and exercises. Some elements will be done live, such as breathing, discussions with the participants and some exercises that we have added after the recording from the CC Studio, Denver Colorado. The participants will also lead breathing etc. live during the webinar.
We are very excited about this new possibility, because it also will make it possible to do teacher trainings for those who live in other parts of the world, without anybody having to travel.
It will also be possible to do it at a time of the day that will suit you better if you live in a different time zone. If you are interested in participating, please contact us.
Another possibility will be doing it with live translation. Right now, the video course is with English and German subtitles, and later it will also be available in Spanish. That means, we will be able to do it in Spanish with a translator for the other elements. It opens new doors…

To participate in the teacher training, you must have taken SES and have watched the video course “Consciousness Theater for Kids of all ages!”
If you have watched it as a Cloud Class on Crimson Circle that will of course also do. See more HERE.

We wish you all a wonderful and joyful spring!
Anne and Finn