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Welcome to our May Newsletter

Our next Consciousness Theater Teacher Training is

MAY 18th – 19th at our place in Denmark. Read more here

We are still working with Conrado of arranging a Teacher Training in Brazil. We hope soon to know more about it.

The Royal Shaumbra Theatre performs “To be or not to be … human?”
Premiere June 3rd at 20.00 in Grünwald, Munich. Price: 10 Euro.
Read more and see photos from rehearsals here

Do you want more joy in your life? Try acting!
“Life is but an act” – and when you create a conscious play within it, it is even more fun!
Shortly before Christmas, Finn and I were invited to participate in a wonderful play: “To be or not to be … human?” written by Romana Ercegović and Kim Seppälä. We immediately said “YES!” The theater group has the beautiful name, The Royal Shaumbra Theater.
The actors come from different countries, Finland: Iiro Riihimäki, Kim – now living on Malta. Germany: Isabel Gonzalez and Jascha Beck. Slovenia: Romana, and Finn and I from Denmark.
An international group – at least for Europe. So, the rehearsals took place via Skype until we around the Easter time met in person at our place in Denmark.
And what a time we had!
Being with Shaumbra that you resonate with is such a joy, and when you to that add the whole process of creating together, and the creation being a comedy – well, the experience is almost beyond words!

Finn and I have been acting in our teaching, both with children and with adults, and it certainly brings a lot of joy, understanding and awareness. Not to mention the joy of teaching something that we both feel has depth and value to it.
And still, acting in a play like this is different. When you are teaching you always have to have some of your attention on the children /attendees in your workshop. In a play, you can more fully dive into your role and the interaction with the other actors. That offers you a deeper feeling of your own role, and certainly also of your co-actors’ roles. You can see and feel how they fit together. One role would not exist, if you didn’t have somebody playing along with it. Just like in “real” life.
It is also a possibility of integrating the roles that are played. Your own as well as those played by others. The feeling of compassion for each role – seeing that you also know this aspect, and that you may invite it back home.
Being in this creative flow of energy is an amazing experience. We had a script of course, but as we worked with it, it kept changing. New ideas were added, scenes changed – and the wonderful part of it was, it happened in the now from the energy of all the participants – all having great ideas about how to enhance the play. Even the fact that we would have to pay to the organization of musicians, if we wanted to use music written by other musicians, became a push to create our own music! – Finn actually did it.

We have a few more days of rehearsal in Munich before the premiere June 3rd at 20.00, so who knows how many other changes that might happen…
So, if you are in Munich at that time, don’t miss the opportunity to come and watch us!
Tickets will be sold in the breaks during the Shoud on Saturday the 3rd.

We wish you all a wonderful month of May!