Welcome to our March newsletter.
If you haven’t already seen it, we are for the first time offering a Consciousness Theater Workshop: Fit for fun!
This is for those who want to apply the main ideas of Consciousness Theater into their own life.
It will take place April 1st-2nd in our place in Denmark. Early bird 305 Euro until March 12th. See more here

The next Consciousness Theater Teacher Training is happening May, 18th-19th also in our place in Denmark. Please notice the very early bird price of 350 euro ends February, 28th at midnight. See more here

We have made some new short videos, mostly role-plays. The first one will be posted on the site in a few days.

In January Finn had a hip surgery, where he got a new hip. Read about his experiences:

My new hip (Hippy-Hippy Shake)
I`ve been walking with my right leg 2,5 cm. shorter than my left for about 10 years.
In December 2016 I decided to have a hip surgery and on the 25th of January I got my new hip installed.
It felt so right, the right time to have this surgery; this caused that everything happened in a smooth way.
3 weeks after the surgery I dropped the pain killers and in week 6 after the surgery I reckon I`ll walk totally without crutches. The wound from the surgery is also healing very nicely. Along the way, I`ve done my exercises, I`ve told my body that this was going to work out fine and it has, indeed.

This has caused changes on so many levels:
I realized that the fact that my right leg had shortened happened on a psychic level first. I have had long periods of holding back my manifesting energy and this held back my energy from going down into the ground – so my leg became shorter.
I feel more aware and in the now moment; I AM the creator of my life; I live in the AND, and I feel even more able to enjoy being here by choice. Soon I`ll run and play football with my grandchildren again. I`ll dance freely again.

I am so happy.