January 2017

Welcome to our January 2017 Newsletter and a Happy New Year to all of you!


A new year is ahead of us, offering a lot of exciting new potentials. So the question we have to ask ourselves is: Am I willing to allow the New into my life, or do I prefer to do as I use to – because that is familiar and feels more “safe”?

And of course the only one that can answer that question is YOU!

If you are interested in new inspiration and insights, we offer a Consciousness Theater Teacher Training at our place in Kibaek, Denmark: May 18th-19th. It is right after the Crimson Circle event in Norway and before the Threshold in Denmark. Read more here.

In this newsletter we have a wonderful article from our Finnish CT teacher, Inkeri . She has given an individual session using the CT material, and she has even asked her client to share her experience of the session, and what it has meant to her life! Please enjoy!

Inkeri Väisänen:

Since teacher training I had little time to reread or use the material, until I got a request to hold a one-on-one session with an adult. It was such a joy to create a session and to play with what comes to you.

Starting with conscious breathing we continued to play the videos. (Role-plays about energy exchange played by Anne and Finn that the teachers can use.) She was very familiar with working with energies and safe space, so it felt good to watch all of the videos with breaks in between.

The Bully and the Bat and the Clique videos were affective. We acted out these situations to feel deeper into the energy dynamics. We both changed  roles from victim to abuser. It was very clear that it was easier for her to be the energy stealer, but to set her boundaries needed clarity and grounding. It was far too easy to be just nice than to say no and mean it.

We then took a situation from real life where someone called and asked to borrow money from her. The situation was that the money borrower was said to be sick; she was in a hurry and commanded her to send the money quickly.
I acted the money borrower and she felt into setting her boundaries. We repeated the situation a couple of times before she was satisfied with her words and feelings expressed. This gave clarity to the situation and more understanding for certain layers.

It was very interesting to work with one-on-one session. So simple exercises that really made a difference and gave new insights. There is so much with this material that can be used in so many ways.

Feedback from the client:

I am very grateful of this session I had with Inkeri. Even though I have taken SES (Tobias’ Sexual Energies School: Understanding Physical and Psychic Abuse) it was a life-changing experience to just see these videos where Anne and Finn were acting all these different roles – to understand they are just different roles we are choosing or are used to play, and to see that one can play them all; not just the ones you are grown up with or are used to play…. and understand I can also play them all… just need to practice those that I am not yet familiar with.
I have been stuck in certain roles. Practicing different answers I wasn’t used to was GREAT – it made me feel more whole and stronger. I enjoyed that very much.
Now after few months and after being in challenging situations I see the benefit of this session. Still I would like to repeat (continue) practicing, because I feel it so useful to me.
Thank you Anne, Finn and Inkeri.