February 2017

Welcome to our February Newsletter!

If we should describe the last month, the word “busy” is the one that first jump into the mind. Our cloud class: Consciousness Theater for Kids – of all ages is finally available! Although all the editing has been made by Jean Tinder – who has done an absolutely wonderful job – we still had to go though everything, make suggestions to changes etc.

And now it is here! It is made as a class you as a parent or grandparent can watch together with your child. And of course, it would also be an inspiration for your self in your own life. It’s available in the Crimson Circle store here You may also watch a short intro on YouTube here

To us it is such a joy to watch out work unfold!


Florin MandiucYou have probably hear this a lot of times before and also experienced that it works. We just have a wonderful experience with that: We wanted to have a new website, coming together with the cloud class. And while Finn was in contact with a dear friend of ours, Florin from Romania, who is also a Consciousness Theater Teacher, he offered to build a new site for us! He is a professional in this and knows a lot.

We had a hope to have the site ready for the Crimson Circle shoud day on Saturday when the cloud class will be launched, and yesterday Florin told us that it was his plan too! And we had not talked with him about it!

To us this really is a great example of how things work without effort but by allowing and stepping back and watching how it all unfolds in the most beautiful way. It does not mean that you do not have to do anything, but it is without the struggle. Allowing a natural flow…

So within a very short time, we will welcome you to our new site!

And maybe you also would like to take a look at our new Consciousness Theater page on fb here

In Denmark it is Shrovetide this month. A time to dress up in a fancy or funny costume and have a lot of fun. Why not use this opportunity to play a new role, where a new mask – and have a lot of fun with that!?

We wish you all a great and funny February!