Time for benching

Welcome to the Consciousness Theater Newsletter summer 2020

A lot of changes are going on in the world right now. You might call it a new wave of consciousness.
We both feel a lot is going on, on our inner levels. Often very difficult to put into words.
Being in nature and working in our garden has been even more important to us.
It creates a lot of joy, of beauty, gets us out of our mind, and it helps to keep us grounded.

But one new project is now becoming a reality:
We are very happy to announce that we can offer the Consciousness Theater Teacher Training in a new form.
It will now be as a self-study course that you do by yourself.

PLEASE NOTE: The CT Self-Study Training will be available from Wednesday May 20 on our website!

Earlier on we did the teacher training live. We had training in different countries,
and it was a great joy to us. And the students … 😉
We showed the role-plays, went through the exercises and the students had the opportunity to do role-playing,
leading breathing etc. themselves.

After we got the video class, “Consciousness Theater for Kids of all ages” for sale on our site, it wasn’t necessary to do the training in the old way. Also, because the teachers now could use the videos in their teaching instead of having to demonstrate all the acting etc. themselves.

So, after a long time of “thinking” about how to do the teacher training in a new way, we came up with the idea of offering it as a self-study course.

To become a teacher, you will have to first go through the video class, Consciousness Theater for Kids of all ages;
it will be the core material for the training.
You will also get a study booklet that will cover some of the aspects of teaching.
Then you will have to answer a questionnaire related to the materials and your experiences with it.
Finally, you have a skype meeting with us, where we discuss your answers and the questions you might have.
After the meeting we will let you know, if you are approved as a teacher right away or if you need to improve something first.

If this is something that appeals to you, please take a look at our site consciousnesstheater.com under Training.
Here you will find further information.

From Wednesday May 20 we offer a 3-day extra discount on the Teacher Training!
So, instead of the intro price of 95 Euro, you get it for only 85 Euro.
So, please check our website.

If you have not yet watched the amazing video course, you can find and buy it here 😊

We wish you all a wonderful, inspirational summer.

Anne and Finn