The play was first shown in the Crimson Circle event “Time of the Merlin”
which had premiere September 10-12 2021.
You can read about the event here.

Here are some of the comments we have received from people having watched the video:

Nina Spitzer:
Finn and Anne, your film really helped me understand some patterns that I didn`t realize were all my creations. Thank you for your very educational, poignant, and entertaining production. I hope that one day I will get the chance to come and play with you!
Christine Ley:
Very funny and … accurate about our story! Thank you!
Sharon Warner:
I highly appreciate your beautiful video, so pure and simple in its compassion and understanding,
so happy you are gifting the world with such a comfort.
Merlina Mandelartz:
Congratulations on your play. So much wisdom.
April Stearns:
I enjoyed this very much!
Nancy Niklis:
I absolutely LOVED all the elements in this. It was so incredibly relatable and done in a very funny way.
So, thank you for your time, creativity, and work! xo
I loved it, too! And what a heart-warming ending! Beautiful voices!
Einat Gilboa:
Anne & Finn!! Your play was SO fantastic. I drank every moment of it with excitement and amazement.
THANK YOU for the great play, your work and art, and for the possibility to watch you two.
It was truly wonderful and even more so as I know you and loved seeing you so much in your art and creation. It was surprising, creative, diverse , funny , real, true and fantastic.
Rehan Hasan:
This was absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you so much!!
I truly enjoyed it and am enjoying it more reflecting back on it.
Marie Hogan:
I felt this very authentic and so well brought together. Not complex, easy to feel into.
Great for shaumbra and new ones coming in…. thank you so much to all involved.
Kathy Marshall-Ness:
You TWO are absolutely wonderful! the whole story and acting was so wonderful. I am really looking forward
to the wonderful moments the new ones will experience once they see this. So well done!!
Anca Apostol:
Thank You Anne and Finn for your wonderful production. I enjoyed it and it is simple and profound.
Birgit Hanika:
Anne Maribo Andersen – That was really GREAT.
It touched me inside, not sure how to describe it.
Mary Luyet:
Congratulations on a wonderful production!!
Lauren Hutnick:
I thought it was wonderful! Job well done!
Kirstie Newman:
Marianne Ruskowski:
Great entertainment and you both are fantastic actors.
Gary Barr:
Anne and Finn, I truly enjoyed your writing and your acting!
This was an awesome portrayal of awakening and the road to realization…
done with such love and compassion. Well done!!!
Bianka Kleibeler:
I’ve seen it at the Merlin Online Event. It was SO great! So funny!
Thanks, dear Anne & Finn!
Christina Boeller:
Love this beautiful theater play/movie you did! And it was so funny to see you play these roles
and all the joy, fun and fantasy you both brought into this creation!
Hitomi Hara:
I am not good at English, but I understood the essence of it.
And your outfit was also funny, and I laughed all the way.
It was funny! Thank you so much!

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