Am I Mad or What?

Am I Mad or What?

This play describes in a dramatic, humorous and serious way a journey from awakening
to being an aware and realized being. All roles are played by Anne and Finn.
Duration: 45 minutes.

The play is a part of the Crimson Circle event “Time of the Merlin” which had premiere September 10-12 2021.
You can read about the event here.

Idea & author: Anne Maribo Andersen          Co-author: Finn Andersen
Recorded in August 2021 at Kibaek Krydsfelt in 6933 Kibaek, Denmark
and in Anne & Finn`s garden by Elsewhere Film Aps.

Top right: Photos from our rehearsel at home.

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Right: Photos by Bente Nordgaard.

"Am I Mad or What?" Trailer


Consciousness Theater for Kids of all Ages!
This is a VIDEO COURSE that you can use for yourself and/or you as a parent can watch together with your kids. PLEASE NOTE: It is a prerequisite to have gone through this Video Course before taking
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Available with Danish, English, French or German subtitles.

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