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Anne Maribo Andersen & Finn Andersen

We met in 1971 and have been a couple since then. We are both educated school teachers and have among other subject areas been teaching music and drama in public schools, private schools and optional – creative teaching for teenagers and adults.
Spiritual and consciousness development has always been a common and important part in our life together.
We are trained in healing and massage; Anne also in art therapy and Aura Soma, Finn in working with sound and music.
Since 1979 we have given classes as well as individual sessions.

In 2001 we met Crimson Circle, and that changed our lives! It resonated deep within both of us.
We have taught many of the Crimson Circle schools.
We received the Crimson Circle Inspire Consciousness Award in 2014.
One of the reasons was our project “Consciousness Theater for Kids.” We went out to schools and taught children about the roles they play, how to become aware and change roles in order to be clear in their relation to other people, how to like themselves and find peace within.
The essence of our teaching is inspired from the Crimson Circle SES – and Aspectology classes, transformed and presented through humorous role playing (by us) and much more from our own journey of consciousness.

In June 2015 “Consciousness Theater for Kids of all ages” was recorded at the Crimson Circle Studio in Colorado. It resulted in 7 videos (incl. teaching materials) that we now offer as a course for both children and adults. The videos can now be bought with Danish, English, French and German  or no subtitles. Please read more about it here.

We have done CT teacher trainings in different countries with great joy and educated more than 30 teachers.
Now we offer the video course (and curriculum) for your personal use.
If you would like to teach others we also offer a new Self-Study Teacher Training, based on the video course
and teacher training metarials.

One thing we also discovered: Although our aim in the beginning was to teach this concept to children,
it quickly turned out that this material is very appropriate for grown-ups, too.

It was such a joy to be part of the Crimson Circle event “Time of the Merlin” Sept. 10-12 with our play “Am I Mad or What?” AND there is more to come! We have so much fun acting out!

Anne Maribo Andersen & Finn Andersen


Consciousness Theater for Kids of all Ages!
This is a VIDEO COURSE that you can use for yourself and/or you as a parent can watch together with your kids. PLEASE NOTE: It is a prerequisite to have gone through this Video Course before taking
Consciousness Theater Self-Study Teacher Training !
You can see excerpts of it on YouTube here.

Available with Danish, English, French or German subtitles.

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