NO MORE !! playing power games
and bully / victim roles

Consciousness Theater teaches:
How to manage your energy.

How  consciousness and “the roles” we are all playing in our lives are connected.
How to be aware of these roles.
How to stop taking from others and  “bully”/victim games.
How to set your boundaries.
How to accept and love yourself.
How to stay in your own sovereignty.


Through acting situations you ACTually sense, feel and have
the opportunity to integrate and balance “old” emotional stuff.
The clown, the clever, the victim, the bully etc. can become aware and choose a new role to play out!
Consciousness creates reality. Become aware AND have fun in your life!

Our materials are based on our own life experience and inspired from the Crimson Circle classes we have been teaching, especially Tobias`and Adamus St. Germain`s Sexual Energies School & Aspectology – New Energy Psychology.

In our VIDEO COURSE ”Consciousness Theater for Kids of all ages” we use humorous role playing to show how to create balance in communication. After having played an unbalanced energy exchange (bully/victim) for you we show an example of how the victim might react in a new way to stay in his/her own right and self respect. The Principles  and plays have been used in Danish schools with great success.
😊 Children from 5 years of age can learn these principles. The course was recorded in summer 2015 in the Crimson Circle Connection Center, Louisville, Colorado.

WATCH an excerpt of the course "Consciousness Theater for Kids of all ages"

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Consciousness Theater