STEP OUT of power games,
and bully / victim roles

Consciousness Theater teaches:
How to manage your energy.

How  consciousness and “the roles” we are all playing in our lives are connected.
How to be aware of these roles.
How to stop energy stealing and  “bully”/victim games.
How to set your boundaries.
How to accept and love yourself.
How to stay in your own sovereignty.

NEW!         “AM I MAD OR WHAT?” This play was shown online in the Crimson Circle event
“TIME OF THE MERLIN” September 10-12  2021.
Read more about the play here.         AND NOW you can buy the video here.

This play describes in a dramatic, humorous and serious way a journey from awakening to being an aware and realized being.
All roles are played by Anne and Finn.
The recording is made with the professional assistance of Elsewhere, a local film production company, directed by  Nicklas Tägström Møller. (You can visit their website here.)

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