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During our first few Teacher Trainings it became clear to us that the concept we teach is just as relevant for teaching of adults as for children. Therefore the Teacher Training will focus on both.

After this training you will be able to teach:

1. Children of different ages: Kindergarten, schools and teenagers. We will discuss how to use it if you already work in one of these areas, how to use it as a guest teacher or offer workshops for children on a private basis.

2. Adults: Parents, teachers, offer team building, workshops etc. You may use it in your counseling or therapy work.

This training will surely inspire parents as well. Or you may just take the class to the benefit of yourself.

The purpose of the teaching:

No more being a victim or an abuser. Stop power games. Loving yourself.

Main elements
In order to stop the energy feeding, you have to be aware of how and when it takes place. Most of it is totally unconscious whether you steal energy or get your energy stolen.
A necessity is also to be aware of and being able to set your boundaries.
The deep conscious breath to find peace within and get in contact with yourself.
Loving yourself through conscious touch.

Supportive elements
Grounding, to be here and now. Using your voice in a clear and authentic way. Body language, what do you express by the way you sit, stand and move – and how does it feel. Feeling and expressing emotions.

We use role-playing to show the victim/abuser game. And we will present you for different exercises, when we work with the different elements of the training. Other topics will be how to handle melt down students and finally all the practical things.

You will also have the opportunity to practice the different elements yourself such as:
Leading breathing for different ages of children or for adults.
Creating and doing role-plays.
Doing exercises both for yourself and in order to teach others.
Using the voice.

We will discuss what we do and why, as well as other elements of teaching.

We will provide you with a schedule you  can use directly  with the children in one or two sessions of about 45 – 60 minutes as a guest teacher. We will discuss, how to integrate it in your daily work, if you are a schoolteacher or work in a kindergarten. And how you may offer private classes / workshops for children.

How to use the material for adults: Offering a short program to school teachers and parents; giving workshops for adults; as an introduction to SES- and Aspectology classes (Crimson Circle teachers); using elements in individual sessions.

In the last session the participants have the opportunity to bring up issues they have thought of.

A few days after the training the certified teachers will get a Teachers’  Handbook as a PDF file with short explanations of the exercises etc. that we did during the training. You will also get access to download short video files with some of the role-plays that you may use in your teaching.

We recommend (but it is not a requirement) that you have taken SES. SES is Tobias’ Sexual Energies School: Understanding Physical and Psychic Abuse. Read more about it on our website, AMARAM here or on the Crimson Circle website here.

Please note: Participating in the training does not guarantee that you will be a certified teacher. If not, you will get half of the fee back. Nothing else will be refunded.

Our teaching is based on what we have learned from joining and teaching courses in spiritual development, our own life experience, the Crimson Circle materials, our work as schoolteachers during a lot of years and finally presenting this material as guest teachers in different schools.

You may read testimonials from our Training here  and from schools here

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May 18th-19th, 2017
Kibaek by Herning, Jutland, Denmark.
Price: 395 Euro through April 18th.  (Early bird)

After: 495 Euro.

You sign up by paying the amount on our PayPal account. Click below. Please do also send us a mail to: with your name, address and phone number. When we have received the payment we will send you a confirmation.

Denmark: 395 Euro


DATES: May 18th-19th, 2017. It takes place between the Crimson Circle event in Norway and the Threshold in Denmark.

TIMES: Thursday: Registration 9.30 – 10.00; Training 10.00 – 17.00
Friday: Training 10.00 – 17.00

LOCATION: 17C Velhustedvej, 6933 Kibaek.
Kibaek is a town about 12 km South-West of Herning in the middle of Jutland.
Find your way here

TRANSPORTATION: Public transportation here The Billund airport will be the closest to us.  Please see here. From there you may go by bus and train to our place. Another possibility is to go to Copenhagen here. From there you’ll find connection by intercity trains to Herning, and from Herning to Kibaek there is a local train. Finally you may go by train. International trains goes to Kolding, in the southeastern part of Jutland, and from there you will find connections to Herning and Kibaek.

If you need any help with transportation, please contact us!

LODGING: There is a hotel in the town about 1 km from our place. Besides B&B. Please contact us for more information:

BREAKS: There will be a lunch break about 75 minutes, a coffee break of 20 minutes and short breaks when needed. There will be coffee, tea and snacks in the coffee break. About 1 km away is a restaurant and a grill-bar. The town also has 2 supermarkets and a bakery. You are most welcome to prepare and have your lunch at our place.

PRICE: 350 Euro through February 28th (Very Early Bird) // 395 Euro through April 18th (Early Bird)  // After: 495 Euro. Please sign up in the box above.

CANCELLATION POLICY: 25% cancellation fee, when cancelled until 4 weeks before start of the class.
50% cancellation fee, when cancelled until 2 weeks before start of the class.
Hereafter non-refundable.

If you have any practical questions, please contact us at


Consciousness Theater for Kids of all Ages! CLOUD CLASS in Crimson Circle Store:

This is a class that parents can watch together with their kids or use for inspiration.

You can see excerpts of it on YouTube here.

The Cloud Class in no longer in the CC store. We open for sale on AMAZON soon.

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