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Newsletter Sept. 2017

Welcome to our September Newsletter

Our next Consciousness Theater Teacher Training will take place in
Bückeburg in Germany, September 30th-October 1st.
The teaching language is English, and with German translation when needed.
Read more here.

A lot of changes is going on, probably for all of us individually and in the whole world.
So, no wonder, if you feel confused sometimes.

A new project, we are working on, is making subtitles for our Cloud Class
“Consciousness Theater for Kids of all ages.” We are done in English, so they are now ready
to be translated into other languages.
We find that to be a wonderful option, because the Cloud Class is addressed to children
(although adults benefit from it as well).
In this way, it can reach non-English speaking children – and of course adults.

Another change is that we have decided that our next Teacher Training will
be the last for a longer period of time. Right now, we can’t say, when we are going to offer the next one.
So, if you have thought about being a Consciousness Theater teacher, now is the time to do it.
Please remember that it is a requirement to have taken SES to participate, or take it within
3 months after the teacher training in order to keep your certification.

We love the concept we have created, and it is truly needed in the world right now;
both for children and adults. We have had a lot of wonderful experiences when teaching it,
a mutual sharing our insights with both children and the CT teachers.
And now the time has come to step back and take a new look at the creation.
How would we like it to continue and evolve? Where will our true passion lead us?
And as you probably know, the best way to find out, is to step back and allow.
So, that is what we are going to do.

We’ll of course still be offering support to the CT teachers, and you are always
most welcome to contact us, if you want to know more about Consciousness Theater.
We are not going to send out Newsletters on a regular basis.
It will be when we have some news to share. 😊

We wish you all a wonderful and expansive autumn!

Anne & Finn


Summer Newsletter

Welcome to our Summer Newsletter

We hope you are enjoying the summertime, allowing yourself to relax and rejuvenate in the – at least sometimes – warm and sunny weather.

September 30th – October 1st is our next Consciousness Theater Teacher Training in Bückeburg, Germany. The teaching language will be English with German translation when needed. You can see more here.

Please note the new conditions for becoming a teacher we have added: We require that you have taken SES (Tobias Sexual Energies School: Understanding Physical and Psychic Abuse) or do it within 3 months after the teacher training, in order to keep your certification. The reason is that SES is the background for the Consciousness Theater teaching. It will give you a deeper understanding of the whole concept of energy stealing, and teach you how to manage your energies as well. Both very practical when you are going to teach this material!

Another condition is about our copyright and how you are allowed to use the material, when you are a certified teacher. You are allowed to teach children as well as adults in person, but not write books or make audio/visual materials of it without a written permission from us.

We have postponed our plans of offering a Consciousness Theater Teacher Training in Brazil, due to the political situation in the country.


One of the Consciousness Theater teachers has watched the cloud class with her children. Here you can read about the children’s experiences and her own observations and thoughts:


It is essential for children to be able to share their experiences in a safe space, like this course is. I watched the course with my two kids, a girl 9 years and a boy 14 years. The first thing my daughter told me was that she cried a bit during one of the role plays. It was difficult for her to feel how, during the role play, one girl was left outside the group of her friends. First, this girl was invited to a party. But suddenly, her friends cancelled the invitation. My daughter was thoughtful about how she would handle that kind of challenging situation by herself at school. Later, she told that she had discussed about this topic with her friends at school, too. During the course I learned again, how deeply children observe and sense the social relations and drama games in their everyday life.

Both of my kids have had big challenges at school. They are Masters in young age and some of the teachers just cannot understand it. My daughter’s teacher told recently that I should take her to psychological tests in order to get more understanding about why she is so active, and different. They might want to give her some medicine or something (this is what Adamus talks about I guess). Of course, I will not do that. The teacher told that it is not so usual that a child wants to play at the age of 9. Every time they talk that kind of issues at the schools (and this has been going on for years already in our family) I am a bit shocked. Nowadays, my son takes regular break from school so that he can be at silence and be enough by himself.

This CT class was a good space to share experiences. It gave us time to just talk and observe different issues from everyday life. We used quite a long time with the material so that we could integrate the energy and information. Some of the memories that we discussed during the course were emotional, and the kids needed time and they needed my help to feel peaceful and free with these memories.

I highly recommend this course for children and for adults, too. (CT Cloud Class link is here )

This shows us so clearly that it is just as challenging to be an aware child surrounded by un-aware peers AND adults, as it is for us as aware adults! Or maybe even more for the children…”


Our next Newsletter will be out in the mid-end of August.

We wish you a lovely summer,

Anne & Finn



May Newsletter

The Royal Shaumbra Theater

Welcome to our May Newsletter

Our next Consciousness Theater Teacher Training is

MAY 18th – 19th at our place in Denmark. Read more here

We are still working with Conrado of arranging a Teacher Training in Brazil. We hope soon to know more about it.

The Royal Shaumbra Theatre performs “To be or not to be … human?”
Premiere June 3rd at 20.00 in Grünwald, Munich. Price: 10 Euro.
Read more and see photos from rehearsals here

Do you want more joy in your life? Try acting! (more…)


Welcome to our April Newsletter

The beauty of spring is all around, inspiring with new energy – also to be used in the inward expansion.To discover more of yourself. (more…)


March Newsletter

Welcome to our March newsletter.
If you haven’t already seen it, we are for the first time offering a Consciousness Theater Workshop: Fit for fun!
This is for those who want to apply the main ideas of Consciousness Theater into their own life.
It will take place April 1st-2nd in our place in Denmark. Early bird 305 Euro until March 12th. See more here (more…)


February 2017

Welcome to our February Newsletter!

If we should describe the last month, the word “busy” is the one that first jump into the mind. Our cloud class: Consciousness Theater for Kids – of all ages is finally available! (more…)


January 2017

Welcome to our January 2017 Newsletter and a Happy New Year to all of you!


A new year is ahead of us, offering a lot of exciting new potentials. So the question we have to ask ourselves is: Am I willing to allow the New into my life, or do I prefer to do as I use to – because that is familiar and feels more “safe”? (more…)


December 2016

Welcome to our December Newsletter!

For kids December is a time of magic. A lot is going on from decorating the home with the most beautiful creations, to baking cakes, making sweets yourself and looking at all the wonderful things in the shops that you would like to have as a Christmas present. (more…)


November 2016

Welcome to our November Newsletter

Right now we have no dates for upcoming Teacher Trainings. So if you would like to attend one and can gather a group, we would love to come to where you live! (more…)